Beneath the Silver Lining

Beneath the Silver Lining:

Secrets of the Black Box

by Amanda Wolfe

About the Book

Amanda hopes to take you with her into her dark past. A past which she tried desperately to bury. She buried all of her terrible little family secrets of lies, abuse, sexual abuse and mistrust inside the imaginary black box inside her. It kept her sane and able to live life without the fear, dread and angst of it all. Well, almost.

Guilt ridden for years and full of a deep sadness she didn't understand and trusting no one with her feelings until now, she eventually had to face her past so she could find her future. This book will make you laugh, cry and be angry.

Come with her on a journey that is twisted, frightening and strangely erotic. It will keep you reading and wanting more...

About the Author

Amanda Wolfe was born in Ottawa Canada in the mid 60's. She matured at a very young age out of necessity growing up in unusual circumstances. She has always been a happy go lucky, care free spirit and a very strong willed person. She has done everything from Waitress to owning her own restaurant and selling things from Mary Kay cosmetics to real estate. She is married to a wonderful man. They currently re-side in the great state of Texas with their horses. When she is not at home writing her latest novel. You will find them flying in their plane and traveling the world together.