The Black Cloud of Kandar

The Black Cloud of Kandar:

by Papadave Berry

The Black Cloud of Kandar

About the Book

Long ago, in a place where wizards and castles and kings were found, Brian was just a simple cobbler, making gloves, boots and shoes for his neighbors. In our story, and in his own words, Brian tells of the adventure that started with an unexpected visit from the king.

The king needed Brian to help rescue his son, Prince Randrim, from the wizard, Saukon. Brian, accompanied by a very small wizard, set out to find the prince. Along their way they met a cave full of skeletons, a cursed princess, an evil tyrant, and saved a nation and the prince.

Read his words to learn how he accomplished all this with a smile on his face (well, sometimes) and a song in his heart when he met the Black Cloud of Kandar.

About the Author

Papadave Berry's life passion was to entertain. He enjoyed bringing pleasure to his audience - which he did often. Whether it was as a DJ or story teller, Papadave put everything he had into his performance. The Black Cloud of Kandar is no exception.

Papadave passed away on September 30, 2013. He was a good friend to us at Roncore Media and to so many others. He will be truly missed.